Tai Chi Classes London are taught by experienced and highly qualified instructors in a relaxed, informative and creative atmosphere. We encourage anyone who is interested in learning Tai Chi to come along and participate, regardless of age or ability.

For further information call Graham on 07768 313888 or email graham@obrart.com alternatively call Larry on 07774 718171.

Tai Chi is recognised as one of the most effective ways to develop and enhance a healthy body and mind. Tai Chi incorporates practical self defence and fitness training which results in significant improvement in coordination and self confidence. We cover the following applications in our classes:

✔ Aikido

✔ Bokken Training

✔ Chi Development

✔ Japanese Sword Class

✔ Martial Arts Principals

✔ Meditation 

✔ Pushing Hands

Qi Gong Exercises 

✔ Self Defence

✔ Yoga and Stretching

Find Us / Class Times

We are located at David Lloyd Finchley with free car parking. Classes are taught in modern studios with wooden floors, mirrors, air conditioning and changing room facilities. On arrival, please inform the reception staff that you are here for the "Tai Chi Class in studio 1 or 2.

Tuesday Evening,           Studio 1  20:15 - 21:45

Wednesday Evening,     Studio 1 20:15 - 21:45

Thursday Evening,         Studio 1 20:00 - 21:30

Saturday Morning,        Studio 2 08:15 - 09:50

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Address: David Lloyd Finchley, Leisure Way, High Road, London N12 0QZ