New visitors 

All new Tai Chi Students participating in our classes are treated with equality and respect. You are able to take part in all classes regardless of age and experience and will be taught at your own level. 

On arrival at David Lloyd reception desk, please let the reception staff know that you are here for the Tai Chi Class in studio 1 or 2.

Your first visit to a class will start with an introduction to all the existing students before the class begins. We recommend you always arrive 10 minutes early as we always start on time.   

What we do in our Tai Chi Classes

Our Tai Chi classes start with Qi Gong breathing exercises to relax the mind body and spirit. We then move on to a variety of stretching and loosening movements so that you will be prepared for the rest of the session.

We teach both New and Old Yang Tai Chi forms and will provide an individual approach to the teaching depending upon your ability. Our qualified instructors will work with you to develop your basic Tai Chi skills and explain any questions that you may have. Later in the class we demonstrate practical applications of the movements that you have learned. This is a unique style of teaching to help the student understand and apply the teachings of Tai Chi. 

At Tai Chi Classes London, we believe that students should have a clear understanding of the movements they are using, how the body works and why.

Our philosophy is that the Teacher stands together with the Student and not just in front of the class.

How to find us

Our  classes are held in David Lloyd Finchley with free parking and changing facilities.


Questions? Get in touch.

Frequently asked questions:

What shall I wear for class?

You will need a white t-shirt and black/dark cotton or tracksuit trousers.  All our classes are barefoot.

Is it possible to join a course if it has already started?

Our classes are continually taught with mixed student ability that allows all students to start at anytime.

How much do Tai Chi Classes cost?

Our group classes cost: 1 Class per week £50pm, up to 4 classes per week £100pm. Trial session £10. 

How long is class?

The normal group class is 90 minutes and private lessons last 60 minutes.