"A school dedicated to enhancing your mind, body and spirit by teaching you how to understand  yourself.

I joined over twenty years ago and was quickly captivated by the inspirational instruction and multi-level benefits. I am far from natural when it comes to body co-ordination or martial ability but the patience and encouragement of the instructors resulted in my persevering and continues to do so. Not a day passes without some element of what I have learnt, assisting me in some way .

An invaluable as well intensely enjoyable experience in a delightful atmosphere, which I cannot not recommend more highly."

 Stephen Wiseman

“I have been attending Tai Chi classes with Larry for the last 17 years and expect to be doing so for the next 17! Our dojo has been a place of well being throughout -  harmonizing the mind, body and spirit. No superlatives are adequate when speaking of our kyoshi (teacher Larry) – he is consummate and his knowledge in this arena all embracing. The camaraderie in the school is marvellous and yet welcoming of new pupils – kindred spirit is key. 

My wholehearted thanks to Larry and our school for enhancing my life." 


"A true master leads lead by example and strives for perfection. A true master has no ego and is always open to learning new skills and sharing these with his students, placing honesty and loyalty above commercial gain. A true master cares for and nurtures his students, slowly building an understanding of martial art. A true master assists his students, through training, to become stronger, in both body, mind and soul.
Having been a student of Larry Marks for 10 years, I am able to state categorically that he is a TRUE MASTER."

Robert Morris

I  was introduced to this school around 16 years ago by a senior member , his enthusiasm and description of the classes opened my curiosity as seemed to be ticking all boxes as to what i was looking for in a martial arts class.

I sat through a few sessions to quietly observe the system and the classes before i  joined. The dedication of our  master Larry , his method of teaching , his openness in embracing different systems and the practical applications , certainly convinced me to join the school.

Over the years , through the system we were introduced to the importance of harmonising ones mind/body and spirit and we strive through our training  to achieve this.

The benefits i have had over the years is something worth sharing , working in the city under stressful conditions , each class attended which required focus and was like a moving meditation class  , cleared the mind of stress and  made me a calmer  person which certainly was noticed by my family and friends. It  quietly instills confidence as you  begin to understand yourself , and many a time in this stressful world gives you a system to draw upon.

The classes are well organised and taught with the philosophy of the school  ,’’ the teacher stands together with the student and not just in front of the class.’’

Ram Nair

How to find us

Our  classes are held in David Lloyd Finchley with free parking and changing facilities.


Questions? Get in touch.

The thing about this Tai Chi class, bizarrely, is not the Tai Chi. That's merely the focus, the common ground and the reason we all turn up. The real thing is the fantastic atmosphere created by the wonderful people who attend the classes. As inspired and sustained by our amazing Grand Master, Larry.

Because he has not merely developed a truly first class environment for the study of the martial art and all its related components, but also makes it relaxed, fun and completely non-competitive. Everyone helps everyone else, not because they have to, but because they want to. Its the culture of the class. Which is consequently friendly, warm and very inclusive to all.

I've been going to the classes now for 18 months and enjoy them immensely. Tai Chi is fascinating, good for you and really enjoyable. It is one of life's hidden pleasures.

Andy Conway

Master Larry leads this Tai Chi school while avoiding the nonsense trappings and hierarchy of some martial arts dojos. He is able to be continually aware of an individual’s progress within a mixed ability class, where focus is on self-development, and works on the principle you get out what you put in. However, in my experience the school’s strong collegiate atmosphere also encourages collaboration in building up self-confidence and fitness of Mind, Body and Spirit as one through a very rich, varied and in-depth programme of hand forms, weapons forms, self-defence, relaxation, meditation, qi-jong, fitness and body-conditioning. Classes regularly adapt to participants needs, and Larry is always thinking about how he can to bring us to a better understanding of our own potential abilities. I have been attending the school for over 10 years and because the curriculum is never stale, my interest and enthusiasm is maintained: I feel the positive physical and mental benefits every day.

Richard Max

Frequently asked questions:

What shall I wear for class?

You will need a white t-shirt and black/dark cotton or tracksuit trousers.  All our classes are barefoot.

Is it possible to join a course if it has already started?

Our classes are continually taught with mixed student ability that allows all students to start at anytime.

How much do Tai Chi Classes cost?

Our group classes cost: 1 Class per week £50pm, up to 4 classes per week £100pm. Trial session £10. 

How long is class?

The normal group class is 90 minutes and private lessons last 60 minutes.